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Plugins, Gizmos and Software by Philipp Nitsche

As a Digital Artist I am constantly developing tools to make things easier and to provide a better workflow. On this page you will find some of these tools and you can buy them if they would be useful for you too. Contact me at service@philippnitsche-vfx.de when you have any issues, questions or new ideas.

Maya Plugins


Philibuster is a plugin to create exploded views of your 3d models.

  • Exploded view with just a few clicks
  • Grid and spherical layout mode



Maya Railway Builder

The Railway builder creates railways from curves.

  • Customizable railways from curves
  • Handle multiple railways at the same time



Nuke Plugins and Gizmos

Handles Gizmo

Creates a custom number of handles at the beginning and the end of a shot.

  • "Handles on request" screen at start and end
  • customizable length



Hatching Gizmo

Creates a hatching effect on footage.

  • Straight and curved hatching
  • Control line density and thickness
  • Contrast adjustments to fit any footage
  • Hand drawn effect



Beauty Blur

Beauty Blur softens skin while keeping the surface structure.

  • Soften skin and other imperfect surfaces
  • keep overall structure of surface
  • Very fast compared to other beauty blurs
  • Works with the non commercial version