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Plugins, Gizmos and Software by Philipp Nitsche

As a Digital Artist I am constantly developing tools to make things easier and to provide a better workflow. On this page you will find some of these tools and you can buy them if they would be useful for you too. Contact me at service@philippnitsche-vfx.de when you have any issues, questions or new ideas.

Houdini Plugins

Houdini FBX Converter

When FBX files are imported into Houdini a new subnetwork is created. Dependent on the complexity of the object it takes much time to manually create a geo SOP and an object merge Node for every part. But this is neccessary if you want to modify your object at SOP level. Houdini FBX converter makes that automatically for you. Additionally all textures where adopted correctly.

  • Converts FBX subnetwork to geo SOP
  • Textures where applied on SOP level



Maya Plugins


Philibuster is a plugin to create exploded views of your 3d models.

  • Exploded view with just a few clicks
  • Grid and spherical layout mode



Maya Railway Builder

The Railway builder creates railways from curves.

  • Customizable railways from curves
  • Handle multiple railways at the same time



Nuke Plugins and Gizmos

Handles Gizmo

Creates a custom number of handles at the beginning and the end of a shot.

  • "Handles on request" screen at start and end
  • customizable length



Hatching Gizmo

Creates a hatching effect on footage.

  • Straight and curved hatching
  • Control line density and thickness
  • Contrast adjustments to fit any footage
  • Hand drawn effect



Beauty Blur

Beauty Blur softens skin while keeping the surface structure.

  • Soften skin and other imperfect surfaces
  • keep overall structure of surface
  • Very fast compared to other beauty blurs
  • Works with the non commercial version